As a child, there was nothing Dara hated more than writing, but at the age of nine she was introduced to poetry and that hatred quickly became love. At 16, she started to acknowledge and honor her artistic inclinations. She became a founding member of the Creative Arts Team Youth Theatre and simultaneously started writing poetry on a monthly basis. She attended SUNY Purchase were she obtained her BA in Literature with a concentration in Drama Studies. She later pursued her MA in Educational Theater from NYU.


Dara’s theatrical career has included the roles of actor, stage manager, and director in numerous community theaters in the northeast region including the HADLEY Players, Teatro LATEA, and Aaron Davis Hall. As a poet Dara has performed on several stages across New York City including Bowery Poetry Cafe and the Nuyorican. She was also featured on WBAI’s Perspectives.


Although the idea of “Black Man, Black Woman, Black Child” came to her in 1999 and she has over 800 poems to her name, it wasn’t until 2014 that she decided it was time to release her work into the world.


As an artist, Dara believes in addressing the difficult and taboo topics to create discussion, promote healing, and encourage critical thought within her community and across cultures. She is always up for a good conversation but beware, you may plant the seed for her next poem.