Black Man, Black Woman, Black Child

Black Man

Overworked, underpaid
Working hard to make minimum wage
He struggles to put food on table and clothes on child’s back
And no one seems to give the man any slack
Carries the world on his shoulders and doesn’t know how to share his pain
And soon all the pressure will drive him insane


Black Woman

Works hard to fulfill the strong black woman image
But more often than not her spirit gets damaged
While taking care of child, man and self
She forgets to nurture her mental health
No one but Woman can understand the pain she feels
It’s not possible for anyone else to walk in her heels


Black Child

Miseducated in so many ways
And they can’t understand the price their parents pay
They see all and know all but are not heard
So they go and obey someone else’s word
Only they can see how badly they are frustrated
But in their parents’ head their story they never registrated


Black Man, Black Woman, Black Child

Why are they the way they are?
Why does the future for them seem so far?
Why must they all wear lonely scars?

They all have goals which they wish to achieve
But they need each other to succeed
And without the support they need
Their dreams, they will never achieve.

© 2014 Dara Kalima


Black Man, Black Woman, Black Child