Can We Start Again

Can we start this again,

go back to a time before way back when,

before we took a spin,

can we start again.


I’m not saying that what we did wasn’t nice

or that it didn’t suffice

but we had barely cracked the ice

before peaking thrice.


So can we go back before that night,

engage in some conversational delight,

explore how we landed in each other’s sight.

Though know, I don’t want to take back that night.


I just want to know

more about the man I already “know”,

see if there’s more to tell than to show,

if there’s a spark we can grow.

A seed of love we can sow

I just want to know.


So can we start again,

back to where we begin,

Before we took that impromptu spin,

can we start again?


© 2016 Dara Kalima


Casualty of Love