Fast Ride: Casualty of Love

“Fast Ride: Casualty of Love”


Have you ever innocently
stepped into the street
after making sure you are
well within the lines of safety?
Have you stepped off the curb
only after the light permitted
and you looked both ways and
you still found yourself jarred
by a red car speeding, impeding
your way while at the same time
Offering, beckoning you to ride.


Through naive eyes,
after checking licences,
inspection stickers and
insurances you accept.
You open doors, enter
and sit trying to get cozy
only to find the seat is
oddly uncomfortable,
the belt doesn’t work,
the driver is suspect.


You feel pangs of regret…


The butterflies churn uneasily in your belly,
The knot tightens in you throat
All your muscles tense and
you desperately want to hop out
but the ignition is pressed
your only options: stay or jump.


Some will stay,
the risks from jumping are too great…
Some will take the risk
the high speed dive is safer than riding.


Of those that jump
some will make it to safety
with a few scrapes and
muscular tenderness
reminder scars of an
all too a close call.


Others will land
in front of the next car
The next car that’s
approaching too fast
that’s too close.
A car so close, so fast
there’s no time to react.


In their attempt to flee
they are run over by the next.
They are run over again by the next…
They keep getting run over by the next.


They were destined to become
a casualty of love.


I am a casualty of love.


© 2016 Dara Kalima


Casualty of Love