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De'Nita's Reflection on Black Man, Black Woman, Black Child

 Kalima's work is a surge of emotion, an intentional look at how Blacks feel in whatever stage of the life cycle they are. These pieces cover love & loss that encourage us to establish a new resolve. As readers we are taken on a journey which spurs us on to live beyond the American dream. Pick it up. Support. Find yourself somewhere in the unraveling of the pages. 


Mr. RD Smith's Book Review

 This is my second purchase from Author Dara Kalima and I have to admit I am definitely a fan of her work. I am looking forward to additional works from this author. She is an amazing writer and superb Wordsmith! Dara Kalima crafts words and phrases in a way that's jaw dropping! Poems "Selective Memory" and "The Victimized Victim" are ones that left me hit in the throat!  


From Corinne S

 If the title doesn't describe you, you need to read this book. Not an easy breezy beach read, at all. Read it like a memoir/novel/story and the poems flow together into a narrative of an experience we middle class Americans like to think our country has grown out of (it hasn't). The chance to see through someone elses eyes is invaluable, and there are turns of phrase that will stick with you and make you really think. 

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This is a fabulous, difficult read of some beautiful poetry by Dara Kalima. Her voice speaks volumes in these poems, whether it be on shades of melanin, being a Black woman asked to participate in a woman's march but to check her Blackness, the words, in my opinion, speak of what an insane life a Black woman must go through to maintain any sort of normalcy. Not even sure it exists for these women (or men as many are referenced in some poems on incarceration). She ultimately remains hopeful for change (I think). I understand that she has written other books, one of which I own and will read next, but I believe I have not read them in order. Don't think it matters though. A very good book, even if the subject matter may make you "uncomfortable." I loved it. 

According to Veronica M


This is an irresistible read and magnificent tool to stir up thought-provoking conversation on life in America. The Black man, Black woman, and Black child's humanity is undeniable with Dara Kalima's masterful use of passion and emotion to evoke a strong colorful perspective. We've watched our toddler enjoy the range of emotion delivered when reading this narrative. There is no doubt, your family will find the author's perspective both enlightening and challenging. I highly recommend this book as a worthy addition to any library.  

Adina shared these thoughts


Casualty of Love very much lives up to its description as a "poetic journey." Each section takes you through a different stage of a romantic relationship. Readers will be able to deeply relate to most poems, as Dara describes the exciting new-ness of romantic prospects on one end, and the earth-shattering despair over love lost on the other.

Along the way, Dara also shares about an experience that stands in painfully stark contrast to love - sexual assault. Her poetic description of the effects that this experience has had on her life pulls you in and sheds much-needed light on an issue that plagues our society but which is often ignored. Her powerful poems on this topic are difficult to read, but incredibly important.

While no one's journey to find love is the same as anyone else's, there are universal feelings that we all experience along the way, and Dara has a knack for putting those feelings into words that get right to the heart of the topic - and the reader. 

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Ginger said:

   Ms. Kalima has written a book which is an honest portrayal of the indignities black people experience. It is a must read for EVERYONE.  

Lance's Review

 Black Man, Black Woman, Black Child... is a journey in the black experience told from the perspective of one person but, successfully resonates with all people. The direct message is clear and concise and the message between the lines is powerful and awe inspiring. Dara Kalima's words are passionate and her delivery is masterful. The work is truly food for the soul.  

According to Zet T

Every word made me feel like I wasn't alone. Powerful and engaging. Definitely a book to read over and over and share with friends and family. Bravo.  

Tasfia had this to say:

 Black Man, Black Woman, Black Child offers a strong portrayal of the multifaceted black experience in America. Dara Kalima uses her profound poetic voice to highlight the complicated and unjust racial dynamics in this country. I enjoyed all of the poems, and I can hear her every emotion and voice within each piece. This is a must read for everyone, especially for those that are eager (and not so eager) to listen and take part in the larger discussion! 

MG is a Fan!

 I love her work, it’s very relatable. 

A New Mom Shared These Thoughts on Black Man, Black Woman, Black Child

 Ms. Kalima did an amazing job describing her perception of the black experience. The stories resonated with me and encouraged me to pause and reflect. On several occasions, I thought "wow, what an interesting point of view". She is a great writer and I look forward to her future works.